Kraken kid is one of the most evil villains in Atlantis. He is leader of TideChangers group detection chaos of Atlantis. And he is the best guy in the world.                    

Real name: Connor Riley Slone


Affiliations: Realm of Atlantis (Youtube)                                    

Skin Color: Tan

Hair Color: Brown-black                    

Family: Cody {TheAtlanticCraft} josh {baby blooper} (Brothers), Noelle {TheSneakySelena} (Sister)                    

Likes: Fishing and games                                        


Skin color: Purple                    

Eye color: Orange-yellow                    

Titles: Lord, Lord Kraken, Leader of the Tide Changers.                    

Species: Kraken                    

Family: BabyBlooper (Son), Booger (Pet Mosasaurus), Squids as a whole (Cousins to his race), Jeff (Blooper's pet)                    

Favorite Food: Special Chicken (Calamari), Tacos (2nd), Chimichangas (3rd)                    

Friends: Darrell (Accountant/General), TheSneakySelena, CannibalCrab (Lead General), CrankyCrab (Chef), Harold (Head Scientist), Doc (Head Doctor), Nash (General)                    

Enemies: ProfessorPikalus (Because Pikalus is the only TRULY evil one), TheCodyMaverick