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Joe was a Minecraft Youtuber with a chicken skin, and one of The Founders of of the YouTube channel TheAtlanticCraft. He is best friends with TheCodyMaverick and was one of the main characters in the popular Minecraft Roleplay Series "Atlantis" and the youtube series " Kings Of Atlantis"

Later in the series Joe left TheAtlanticCraft and hasn't come back since but he has been mentioned and referenced in many other videos.

After his whereabouts were unknown for a long period of time Joe returns with a youtube channel of his own named "JoeBuz" the channel has recently past 50k subs and increases to grow.

it is unknown if Joe would be returning to TheAtlanticCraft, but for now he has his own Atlantis series.

Biography Edit

On February 14, 2016, It was announced that Joe was leaving the channel because he wanted to get a step further in his life. Now he has reuturned and does YouTube videos every day but on a channel called joebuz