Darth Penguin was the Grand Sith Master of the Galactic Empire and a descendant of the Ancient King of Atlantis Cody.

Origins in the RepublicEdit

His origins began as a bounty hunter with his partner Joe (also of Atlantic Royal descent) who was later recruited as a Jedi Knight. It was later stated by Joe that Cody (Later Darth Penguin) had the capabilities to be a Jedi but would not allow because he saw the shadow in his heart. 

Cody up until his betrayal was a Republic Soldier and was recruited when Joe became a Jedi and served faithfully for years until he grew jealous of Joe's power and was Approached by a Sith Lord named Darth Revan who he and Joe were initially spying on and the Sith trained the young Commander and soon was able to destroy Darth Maul on Luna (The Moon) It was only one year later that he killed Darth Revan and took his place and ordered the Jedi purge.

Time of the Early EmpireEdit

The New Ruler than started hunting down Jedi personally with a small ship known as the Death Star or code name Project Crown. His first act after the purge was to destroy the Jedi Temple on Minecraftia and continued to hunt down Jedi and fought a battle on the Moon with Joe. Cody won the battle with virtually no losses and made Joe his Sith apprentice and built a great base in front of the old Republic compound almost as a mockery to the Jedi. He then began training Sith underlings and they became his personal vanguard. 

The Hunt for the Jedi Edit

With Joe at his side he hunted down many powerful Jedi such as Qui gon Jin, Mace Windu and several others. However the ultimate prize for the sith was Grand Jedi Master Yoda. The Empire destroyed Rebel compounds killed soldiers and Jedi alike and every single time came out victorious. The Empire suffered it's real first defeat on Mincraftia at Yoda's forward outpost and the battle was a success but the Empire suffered major casualties and lost the Sith Apprentice Darth Juz (Joe). Cody then went mad and launched a campaign and by eye witness accounts killed over 95 Jedi in one battle. Joe eventually escaped and came to Cody and then proceeded to form an expedition on the Rebel Planet of Tatooine. Joe then disappeared after the Empire tested their new missiles on the ancient Saarlac and the only missile that worked on it was the red matter missile. Joe then gathered an army of about 5,000 Rebels and as Cody sent most of his Legion the 501's on missions the guard of the Base was only 300 soldiers. The battle was a fragile victory for the Rebels and Cody returned to an old Jedi temple and Joe and Cody met for the last time as Joe destroyed all the Sith except Cody and destroyed the Death Star and the small imperial fleet in orbit. Cody however wiped out all Jedi forces the Rebel assault fleet and the wookie rebel alliance. The final death in the battle was Joe.

Known KillsEdit

-Several Minor Jedi

-Mace Windu

-Kit Fisto

-Savage Opress

-Darth Revan

-Darth Maul

-Several Minor Sith

-Several Rebels

-Several Droids

-Several Clone

-Several Wookies

-The Saarlac

-The Mars Creeper King

-The Moon Skeleton King

-Several Tuscan Raiders

-Joe (Darth Juz)