The Atlantis Tribe is a tribe located in the Isle of berk. The tribe was created by Cody & Joe after joining the berk army in episode 4.


The tribe was made in episode 7 when the king of berk allowed them to create the tribe only if the kings agree it's still part of berk. After episode 14 the tribe became the Kingdom of Atlantis.


The tribe has the same as berks.


The population is low. Only about 38.


The laws are made by Cody and the berk chief. After episode 7 they secretly went against berk's kill any dragon in sight law.


The tribe is protected by the berk army (But most of the population can fight).

Possible Independent State Plans Edit

After ashal told the king Cody the truth about dragons there is a possible chance they will separate from berk making it a independent state.